Zwift category removed

Looking for some advice. I am part of a team that raced in the spring league. We haven’t raced in the summer league but plan to start again this autumn. Several in my team have lost their Zwift category as they haven’t raced in 90 days. I still have mine but am guessing it will soon be removed too. I presume my fellow riders need to do 3 races to be recategorised. My question is can I just do one race and keep my category or do I need to do 3? (My last race was 25th may) thanks in advance for any advice!

This might be a silly question, but why do you need to have a Zwiftpower category to race in the league? What league is it? Most races on Zwift aren’t enforcing categories, anyone can join.

It should be 3 best results from your last 90 days, though one of our team had theirs reinstated with 1 result in 90 days. I’d plan on 3, anything else is a bonus.

Zwiftpower uses the best 3 results in 90 days, but if you’ve only got one or two results then it uses those to come up with a category.

If you’re asking about the upcoming ZRL Season 3 though, that’s a whole different question since there will be qualifying races.