Zwift Cadence Not Working

I have three difference cadence sensors. I have alternated each in the Zwift app. The Kinetic T6100 trainer cadence (not sure how this is measured) and the Garmin Bluetooth cadence sensor on the crank are too low. The Vector 3 power pedal sensor is too high. These are not close - they are garbage readouts. What’s going on? Shouldn’t a direct cadence sensor be trivial?

This is very odd, but how are you judging what “correct” is if you don’t trust any of the sources?

Of the three you mention, the crank based sensor should be spot on and infallible, it just counts the times the magnet goes past so really can’t go wrong as long as you have it set up correctly.

The trainer is the least accurate since it tries to guestimate cadence using tightening and loosening of chain tension. Its normally right but also the most prone to error.

The Vector 3 is somewhere in the middle of the two, its slightly more complex than the magnet-based cadence sensor, but shuold generally be more accurate than the trainer with its weird algorithm.

If you are certain all three are wildly/noticable wrong then I would suspect more that the signal itself wasn’t getting through properly and that either the device you are running the zwift app on is buggy, or you have too much bluetooth noise/interference.

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I was able to take a peek into your account, and it looks like @D.A was definitely on the right track with the suggestion of interference. there are several dropouts being reported from your cadence sensor while you are riding. some of the other sensors are showing dropouts as well, just not as prolific.

We have a support article that has some great tips on preventing wireless interference if you’d like to take a look. If you’re still having issues after going over that article, please write in to our support staff and we can continue helping.

You can email our support staff at or chat in to us by clicking the “contact us” button at

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