Zwift BT Issues At My Wit's End! (Powertap G3)

Cannot for the life of me get Zwift to see my Power hub. It’s been fiddly in the past, but now it’s impossible. I’ve tried:

  • Connecting direct to PC with BT… Zwift PC app doesn’t see the G3. Wifi on/off no change, PC BT cycle and set on, no change.
  • Connecting through the Companion App… Phone BT on, App doesn’t see G3 hub. Phone wifi on/off (too see if I need to connect to the G3 and then get on the same Wifi network) PC BT off and on, nothing. phone BT on and not connected to anything else, nothing. (The phone’s BT page sees the G3 hub instantly every time, but the app doesn’t. If I try and connect through the phone it says “you need an app to use this device”).
  • Changing Hub batteries.
  • Connecting with laptop instead
  • Moving pc near to the hub
  • Checking there aren’t any BT devices active in adjacent rooms.
  • Turning off all fans in case of interference. Removing any other wireless devices nearby like headphones.
  • All of this time I’ve had the headunit off, but if I do turn it on at any point it always connects via ANT and detects PWR flawlessly, there’s no problem with the hub output.

All in all I’ve spent way too long cranking the bike by hand fruitlessly. I don’t know why the Zwift companion app isn’t able to detect the G3 hub when the phone definitely can. No idea why it’s sometimes seen by the PC sometimes not. No idea if it’s so finnicky that things have to be turned on in some magical order/sequence.

Possibly an ANT+ dongle would do the trick, but I’m not full of hope.

Given the low cost of an ANT+ adapter that seems worth trying. The Coospo RC401 is less than US$12 on Amazon and works well. A USB extension cable may be needed for reliable operation but you could test it without.

You definitely do not want to pair the power meter to the phone’s built-in Bluetooth system. That will only get in your way.

You could also try running Zwift on the phone (without running Companion) to see if that behaves differently from the PC. And you could test it with some cycling app other than Zwift. There are quite a few that offer a free trial or money back guarantee, and a few that are completely free.

Hi Paul, thanks.
I was aware of not pairing through the phone itself, it was mainly to check if the phone could physically see it, to rule out connectivity and source issues.

Alas, I’ve bought an ANT+ dongle, and installed with drivers. I go into zwift, andf the ANT symbol is white and radiating lines, but I crank the powermeter… Zwift doesn’t find it, should be WELL within range.

Alas I’m at my wit’s end trying to get this to work, and I’ve spent enough time on it, and I’m fully out of ideas. I’ll be cancelling my Zwift membership and going to the gym instead.