i have stages power meter. but zwift can't find it.

I have stages power meter. It support bluetooth.

my laptop pair with stages perfact.

and pairing with my Mio link(heart rate monitor).


but zwift can’t search any of them. I confused.

How can I play zwift with bluetooth?

Give me some answer.

as far as I’m aware, you need an ANT+ dongle/antenna connected to your computer for Zwift to recognize and use your Stages power meter.

I have used my Stages in the past with the Garmin ANT+ dongle in Zwift successfully.

I now use a KICKR and again that’s with ANT+ and not Bluetooth.

Pop on over to the Zwift Feedback forum, there is a thread on the Beta BTLE support. I don’t believe power meters are officially supported yet. You must follow the BTLE instructions exactly for it to work. I have successfully connected my Polar HRM using BTLE but it seems buggy and would drop-out every now and then. ANT+ is definitely more reliable for me so I’m sticking with ANT+ and not switching to BTLE. No need to “fix” what ain’t broken for me :slight_smile: