Zwift paired with stages but no power?

( M McNeely RACC RCCK) #1

Hi, my zwift is paired with my stages power meter but doesn’t respond to my power. My cpu tower with a Ant+ is on the floor next to my left crank. Approx 1-2ft max away ( space for clipping and turning etc). Zwift is also paired with my heart rate monitor and is paired and works no problems, actually rather sharp. What could be my cause of no power?

(Peter Huys ARR) #2

Do you have another device where you can read the power output (garmin, … ?) Maybe the battery of the device is too low? Also remove the stages from Zwift, reboot and relink!  COuld work. Sometimes I have the same problem and it was battery related!



( M McNeely RACC RCCK) #3

I also use a garmin 1000. I put a New battery in My power meter when it arrived two weeks ago. It works intermittently. It has worked twice in a row after I removed my garmin speed sensor, that was the only change I made. Refitted it once I had started so I can get speed on my garmin( not that it matters more out of habit)