Stages Power Meter

Hi.  I have been riding for well over a year with an unsupported trainer(set it to Kurt Kinetic at the suggestion of the manufacturer), a speed and cadence sensor and HRM and the zPower ratings are way off.  No problem there - as I did not know until I got a stages power meter.  Now that I have a stages crank arm power meter I am trying to pair it to Swift.   I have the latest firmware on the power meter and it works perfectly with my Garmin.  Any ideas?

Hi Jonathan, 

Stages power meters can be paired in to ways. 

  1. Ant+ - (the dongle has to be very close - ideally directly under the crank, you will need to use USB extension cable) 
  2. Bluetooth - You can use a smartphone to connect through bluetooth which is more reliable option. (Note - when you pair Stages power meter as “power source” it will also pair as ''controllable trainer" which is a known bug and you have to unpair it from ‘‘controlablle trainer’’ section. 

The USB extension cable shouldn’t be longer than 10ft for electric resistance reasons (unless active cable is used) and also some cheap USB cables might not work for same reason (even shorter than 10ft). You can always get Zwift tested cable and some other goodies from our online shop. :slight_smile:

Also HERE is more info on how to pair using Bluetooth. 

Hope it helps, feel free to ask any question in case something is unclear. 

Ride On!


Tom H. How can I unpair my Stages fro Controllable trainer section, there does not seem to be any way to do it in the app?