Power meter Stages LR

Good morning.
I use zwift application with power meter Stages l/r. Which power meter sensor should I pair with the zwift application?

Are you asking if you should use the trainer as the power meter or the Stage Pedals? Or does Stages present 2 options (i.e you have an option for Trainer Power Meter, Stages Left Power Meter, and Stages Right Power in the pairing screen)?

Good morning.

Stages present 2 options. Left sensor and right sensor.

Not sure how you are connecting but according to Stages “ When using a Stages Power LR (dual-sided power meter) unit, the two sensors are linked to one another as a set, with one side serving as the master unit. Once a pair is linked together, the right-side power meter will no longer be broadcasting an ANT+ signal and only the left side’s ANT+ signal will be visible when pairing to your head unit. Both power sensors remain visible via Bluetooth, but as with ANT+, only the left power meter needs to be paired with the head unit in order to receive power data from both sensors.”