Zwift bluetooth not working

IOS and Bluetooth is still not working. It was supposed to be fixed but still isn’t. I’ve tried everything to make it work. Very frustrating

Have you updated your Zwift app? Check the version number sticky post to make sure you’re on the right version.

I have this problem too and tried updating the app without success. Any suggestions?

Do you mean you couldn’t update the app, or it doesn’t work after you update the app?

it still wont connect after updating the app :frowning:

Having this issue as well, I’m using a Flux. Bluetooth continued to drop and not reconnect, erg mode wouldn’t initiate. Agreed VERY Frustrating.

I am having the same problem my Flux smart 2 arrived today and it wouldn’t pair with Zwift.
I tried Rouvy and it paired no problem so the problem is not the Taxc or the MacBook it’s Zwift.
Would like to know if there is a solution.

Any idea when this will be fixed? I wrote to zwift and got no response. How do we get attention from customer service?