Why does it not just work?

Won’t connect to Bluetooth. I haven’t changed any of my settings since I last used it, but there was a Zwift forced update today when I turned it on. Now when I try to pair it is not registering or seeking Bluetooth devices at all. GETTING REALLY FED UP WITH CONSTANT ISSUES. ZWIFT IF YOU ARE NOT PC & ANDRIOD COMPAITBLE PLEASE ADMIT IT!!!

Sure can be aggravating when things don’t go well. Not sure of your age, but you need a time out.

It can be a lot of things that cause it and it might be an easy fix or maybe an in compatible device, but we’ll never know as you are just shouting at the world (understandable so!).

Yes, there are issues with both Ios and Android, yet thousands of people are riding right now. You have to be clear and to the point when it comes to getting help, which the folks at Zwift are very good doing. I’ve done this a long time and can see that. Other things they do I question, but I digress…

good luck to you.

Hi Cary. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately had loads of issues since i started using Zwift about 4 weeks ago and I have not had the same helpful response from Zwift that you seem to have had. Most of my attempts to contact them have resulted in totally unhelpful auto responses, hence my frustration. I only seem to get a response from them when I “Shout”. I work and have 2 small kids so training time is precious, so to spend 40 minutes trying to get paired without success is not how i had wanted to spend my evening.

If you have any suggestions on how to resolve I’d love to hear them.




I would suggest getting a ANT+ dongle and a USB extension to eliminate the need to use the ZML to bridge the BLE signal. 

I think a lot of people on here are very willing to help, but as i read your post and the tone I decided to rather respond to other posts. and i assume i’m not the only one as I know there a many that respond quickly.


ANT+ dongle and extension lead. Problem solved.

The solution to getting what you’re paying for shouldn’t require buying more things. Zwift should just work like it did before the most recent update that has left many AppleTV users (and others) with frequent crashes, stuttering graphics and dropped or non-pairing Bluetooth connections. 

It’s not about things not going well - it’s about Zwift providing the service that customers are paying for. Those of us who aren’t original Zwifters, fanboys and apologists expect the service to work just as we would other services we pay for in our lives. 

And just because there are people riding now doesn’t diminish the very real issues that many customers are facing. So tired of hearing things like “well it works for me” because all that attempts to do is shift the blame to the person experiencing the issues like its something they are doing wrong or because of their equipment. The problem plain and simple is that Zwift released an app update that created the issues and they simply don’t care about resolving them. 

Zwift is a great concept but the company’s poor leadership and failure to understand what being customer centered really means will be their undoing.