Zwift avatar grinds to halt on climbs at lower rpm

I have a new issue that hasn’t happened before on Zwift. When I’m climbing on steeper gradients and drop to below about 68rpm my avatar just grinds to a halt. I’m still pedalling away irl.
The only thing that gets it going again is returning to a higher cadence.
Had a look on google and forum but can’t find anything. Any help why this is happening and what to do to fix it would be very welcome!

May/may not be relevant - This has happened since putting new bike on turbo which has a power meter. Old bike did not. However I haven’t done steep climbs for a bit on old bike so not sure if it would’ve happened anyway. And it’s working fine/no issues except in this very specific situation.

Zwifting on Mac, companion app on Android.
macOS ventura
Version of Zwift is 1.32.1
Companion App v3.42.0
Trainer - tacx flow, ANT+


Sounds like your wheel may be sleeping on the higher resistance on the climb. Check the tyre pressure, roller tension and the other setup instructions.

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Trainer resistance unit overheating could also be a possibility. Aim a fan at the trainer to test.

Hey thanks for this suggestion. Do you mean sleeping? Or slipping? I certainly can’t feel any slipping.Tyre pressure, tension etc all fine. I can calibrate it again to double check.

Thanks Paul for this suggestion. Would be odd if this is the case as it has certainly been put through it’s paces in other situations. I can push the same or higher watts for longer at a higher rpm with no issues at all - and same when it was about 30 degrees hotter had no problems. Do you think that the lower rpm would cause that much overheating?! Cheers

I don’t think cadence would be a factor in overheating - I can’t think of a reason why it would be. Overheating would be most common when the trainer resistance is highest (eg, steep climbs with trainer difficulty set high) and your power is high.

I did mean “slipping”.

As for Paul’s suggestion, the Tacx Flow is well known for overheating on long climbs (the trainer warming up through the increased resistance that it’s applying).