Zwift App on an Android Tablet

(Chris Tomasini) #1

I’m running Zwift happily on my Dell laptop, so that is all fine when I’m riding. I wanted to try the Zwift app though so that I could interact with the game a bit more. I don’t have a mobile phone, but I do have an Acer Iconia android tablet.

I tried to install the Zwift app onto my android tablet, but just got an error message saying something like “this app doesn’t work with this device.”

Does the app really not work on tablets? Surely the app can be tweaked from it’s android phone configuration so that it’ll work on an android tablet?

(Rick Griffin) #2

It works on my Google Nexus tablet so I can vouch that it does indeed work on Android tablets.

(Chris Tomasini) #3

Hi Rick - thanks for commenting.

Hmm - do you have any idea which version of Android is on your Nexus? My Acer is a bit dated now… it’s running 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Maybe the Zwift App only works on newer operating systems.

Did you just download yours from the Google Play Store?

(Rick Griffin) #4

I’d say that’s your problem.  I’m running Lollipop 5.1.1 and I did download it from the Play Store.

(Chris Tomasini) #5

Thanks Rick.

(Andras Mezes (VTX - HUN)) #6

Hello Chris,

I have a Samsung Galaxy tab. When I tryed to install the Zwift app, it told me what you also got (does not work with this device). As there is no Android requirement stated on the Google Play I don’t know exactly which release is necessary as a minimum requirement. As I would like to use the Tacx app also, where it is stated that minimun Android 4.3+. So I had to install a new android (unofficial) version (5.1.1) on my tablet and currently it works fine with Zwift and Taxy app also. :slight_smile:

Best regards,