Zwift app crashed on my vEveresting attempt

So i was just going to start my 3rd lap for my vEveresting challenge when suddenly the app decided to crash. Is there anyway I can recover and continue my challenge? I’m on windows 10 and this is the first time that it happened to me. I did not foresee this as a problem before i started doing the vEveresting challenge. This is so frustrating. Sigh

Unfortunately, no. You can find the FIT file for the crashed activity in Documents\Zwift\Activities, but there is no away to upload an activity to Zwift or resume an interrupted session.

Your request is related (but no identical) to “Upload FIT file to Zwift

ZHQ has never hinted this feature is in the pipe, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for implementation any time Zoon.


You can join together multiple Fit files at