Zwift crashed - Windows 10

The zwift desktop app on my laptop crashed yesterday during a long group ride. I lost 75 km and 2.20 h of riding. Can’t open the activity. Others riders report the same problem (crash). ANT+ and no problems with WiFi.

You should be able to find the fit file and upload that to strava (that way it really happened). Unfortunately you can’t do anything about the lost xp etc in zwift itself.

I’ve never actually had to use this but you can run your log file through this site and it might tell you what went wrong

Hi Ben. The crash is the problem. Don’t need strava. I use other programms to analyse my activities. The fit-file is empty maybe broken. Thanks.

The most recent post here about a crash on windows 10 was solved by the poster Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

So that might work for you but it’s pretty extreme and I’d only recommend if it kept happening.

Often there is a fit file called “incomplete” but you actually want the one that has the right date as the file name. But yeah I’ve heard that sometimes that gets malformed too.

Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.