Zwift crashed but I need the kms for rapha 500

How do I arrange this? Tried to use the Co tsct us feature but it was REALLY poor

You can likely recover part or all of the ride from the “.fit file” - see How To Recover Your Lost Zwift Rides - SMART Bike Trainers

Don’t bother with Zwift support, you’ll waste your time, don’t think they’ve ever actually resolved a single issue I’ve reported to them!

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Please refer to this thread: Guide to Getting Useful Support

…we need some more details in order to provide assistance. (note: the forum isn’t official Zwift support, just users like you sharing their knowledge)

I’d suggest ensuring your trainer firmware, and all app and companion software are up to date. Latest versions listed here: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

If you could note what specific device (brand, model, year, OS, RAM, CPU) you have, that’d help.

As other noted, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to edit an existing activity but you could start another ride to accumulate kilometers, or join another Festive 500 event if you want credit for one of those.

You cant upload or fix activities that have not saved correctly on Zwift.

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I don’t think that’s true, Mike is it? There is often a recoverable .fit file for an activity even if Zwift crashed - certainly I’ve been able to recover part of a ride from this myself previously.

You can’t force-upload it to Zwift but you can still use the file for Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc etc.

The page I links to steps through how to recover them

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Thats what i said, you cant upload to Zwift.


Thanks Mike. We’ll, thanks to Zwift all my rapha 500 effort goes to waste. Not going to bother chasing it.

You could try the “Add manual entry” function in Str*v* and see if you can make it count that way.

Edit: Apparently does not work for this challenge (but does for others, e.g. Strava’s own ones)


Maybe its ambiguous phrasing then, but it certainly sounded like you were saying that you couldn’t upload rides (that hadn’t saved correctly on Zwift) at all (to any platform).

Not sure why you’re giving up after I provided a link on how you can recover the file? Is it only worth it if you can see it in Zwift? You don’t use Strava to track the festive 500?

This would also work. You won’t have power data etc but if its just distance you want then this would work fine. If you want to partially “evidence” it, you may find that prior to the crash Zwift saved some screensots of the activity that you can attach to the strava activity - if so you may be able to find them in the “Pictures folder” in a sub-folder labeled “Zwift.”

Manual entries won’t count towards the total I’m afraid.

Generally the recovery of broken .fit files has minimal success. Worth a go though.

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Ah OK, that’s useful info thanks - shame for the OP but I suppose that Strava/Rapha/whoever are trying to avoid people “cheating” and simply logging fake activities, which kind of makes sense.

I’ve had pretty good luck with this TBH - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but I’d say odds are 50% or better! Sometimes I have to stick the file through the “corrupt time fixer” tool here - and that seems to help. It won’t always give you a full ride length file but it normally gives you something useable even if its not the full distance.

I’ve had to use this a few times, since Zwift on ipad has crashed quite a few times on me over the years.

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