Zwift annual membership [SOLVED]

I have a number of things that I buy once/year and it auto renews. “Buy once, cry once” is perfect - Amazon Prime, Beachbody. Many services like this. Each time the renewal comes due, it would be just before the season (for me), and so I’d let it go and rationalize it. Yes, it’s completely a mental game, but it’s way better than looking at a charge in July for a pain cave that doesn’t even exist in the dingy basement.

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Just saw this. I don’t cancel it in the summer because I love my fellow DIRT mates and try to ride/race with them at least once a week. My wife is on a PL team so she’s kind of obligated to keep the subscription year around to keep her status on the team, I think, could easily be wrong about that though.

+1 for the annual membership!

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The first few years I was using Zwift, I used to be able to find a gift card that would be a year subscription. I would purchase it myself, and apply it to my account.
I could not find it when it was up for renewal a couple of years ago, and ended up just doing the month-to-month subscription.

+1 for annual subs

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Yes please!!!

I’d love to see an annual membership option. I saw some posts on the internet suggesting to use a Gift Card, however I would not be able to get a Gift Card reimbursed through work. Submitting 12 receipts every year is a pain. IMO the existence of these posts suggests there is already demand for a yearly subscription option. Please add an option for an annual membership!


Zwift would get more money from me if they had an annual that amounted to 3-4 months “free”.

Currently, I subscribe for six, maybe seven months/yr (two accounts in the household) but would pay more overall for a year because I’m dumb and easily manipulated.

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LOL, that’s a pretty huge discount!

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Strava routinely offers over 50% discount for annual but that doesn’t tempt me.

I’ve never seen Strava offer a 50% discount.

I seem to recall they followed up their 2 month free offer with ‘our biggest ever sale’ option of 25% off which is obviously 3 months free.

I only know what Strava has presented to me, someone who’s never given them a dime of cash but tons of free data for them to analyze, aggregate and and sell. I’m comparing the yearly (I seem to remember $49.99 in this promo) vs monthly (maybe $9.99?) x 12 rates. Of course they could have presented the “best offer ever” and inflated the monthly to make the yearly look attractive. Anyway, Strava might be a bad example now, though, with what’s going on over there with their pricing over the last week.

Maybe Zwift has it 100% right with just a simple monthly fee and no shenanigans!

Just googled. They offer 50% off if your a high school student (US only).

He means a monthly fee for a year compared to a yearly fee. Others like Strava have a 50% difference between these two.

+1 for an annual subscription with some level of discount

Crazy idea… Who does that??

+1 for an annual subscription please.

At this point, I would actually be suspicious of a yearly subscription offering from Zwift. They have ignored this request for so long that, IMO, if they do offer one it would be because they know something else is about to come to market that will actual make a meaningful dent in their market share and they want to get as much money from you as possible before you jump ship.

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I found this post in search of this same topic. It’s crazy that this has been asked for so long. I’m not an IRL cyclist, but I use my SB20 for cross-training. The monthly cost is high for me, but I pay it because there is no other place with this vast virtual camaraderie. A yearly subscription would work for me if at a discounted cost.