Paying Annually

(Gary Howe) #1

just joined today, is there a way to pay annually??

(Paul Allen) #2

Month to month only for the moment.

(Scott) #3

Hey Gary - welcome to Zwift! While we don’t have an annual membership option, you can gift yourself an annual membership if you like:

See you out there!

(Gary Howe) #4

Thanks Scott, I’m now a fully paid up member for a year.

Merry Christmas


(Norm Brandinger) #5

+1 for an annual membership

(Paul Allen) #6


You can pay annually still I think and you get a subscription to Bicyclist Magazine also.

i will do a search in the morning and see if I can find it again, I know I posted a link on the forums at least once before.

(Scott) #7

Yep - Paul is right. If you live in the US, you can take advantage of the Bicycling offer and get 10 issues with your Zwift membership or purchase a 1 year gift card: