Swift become payware


Swift announced that within a few days it becomes payware.

But I see no info about payment, and available payment methodes.

Are you offering payment by PayPall?



I would also like to see an annual payment option. John.

Zwift. And I have read elsewhere that paypal will be an option.

Zwift is an odd company in that it makes huge announcements and provides zero details on it’s website, instead opting to filter information out via social media in dribs and drabs, then via email, eventually (when it’s old info) to the website.

I can’t understand why the Blog isn’t full of the info at the very least.

Activating your Zwift membership is simple! On October 29th , your account will be credited with a Free Trial (50KM to use in 14 days). Simply follow the onscreen instructions to join at any time. Zwift accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Don’t worry - all of your hard earned achievements and experience points will remain intact!

Zwift, and don’t have any option to play for free like Strava do? Or you become only a pay software? Now I beginning to ride in Zwift and enjoy, have to stop just because I don’t have money to pay?


I’ve see the “join now”-Button and the comment “Only (usd) 10.00/month. Cancel anytime.”

Could you please provide some additional informations:

  1. will it be possible to “pause” in summer, or must I “cancel my membership” in summer time and re-join in autumn.

  2. which options will be available:

   -) pay each month

   -) pay for 6 month





I agree with the other posters.  I want to pay but I can’t find any options on cancelling, how to cancel, what the charge will show up as, do i have to pay monthly or is automatic, etc.  There is just no info out there to be found.  And I only have 17K left on my trial and tomorrow is a ride day?

Great product.  Recommend it to all.  But when payment is required there has to be information available for the paying customers.  

I also agree a free option would be great.

Sorry for the delay guys! All charges will show up as ‘Zwift’. The initial charge *may* show up as the name of our payment processor ‘Braintree’ until the charge settles. Click here for more information about this from Braintree. 

Your Zwift membership will auto renew every month until you cancel. 

You can cancel at any time. Simply log into your dashboard at zwift.com and navigate to Settings > Payments and scroll down to the ‘Cancel’ option. Full terms and conditions are available to review before you join.

Hope to see you in Zwift!

If you cancel your subscription for several months and want to renew, does your initial subscription carry over or do you have to start all over again?