Zwift Android app no longer connects

(Eva Barabas) #1

This morning before my ride, my android app updated itself. Now it won’t connect to my Zwift session. Tried restarting the phone, re-installed the app, and nothing worked. It won’t change to Ride mode. I haven’t changed any of my wifi or router settings, everything there seems to work. Has been working fine for months and then just stopped working this morning after the update. Anybody else having this issue?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Eva, 

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues. Looks like you’ve tried everything in order to fix it, so I will create a ticket for you. Just to make sure - You are connected to the same WiFi network right? 

Thank you

(Eva Barabas) #3

Hi Tom,

The issue seems to have fixed itself. It connected to the program again.



(Matt Canna) #4

tom this is still not fixed, my app has been having issues for the past month.

It works flawlessly for a day or 2, then can’t connect, then lags, then disconnect.