Zwift, and Zwift Companion

Quick question… While on Zwift, and using the Companion App… We have access to the Mapping Feature that shows where you are at on the Course on both my Computer, and Companion App (So basically duplicating what you see)… Under that is the Hill Profile that at best is very hard to see? Is there anyway to change your view of the Climb your on, that would show a better shot of the Climb, and things like distance to the Top? I’m relatively new to Zwift, and when your on a 6/7/8/10+ K Climb… It would be nice to know how far you still have to go until your at the Top… Thank you

Unfortunately you cannot do these things within Zwift or ZC. You can do something close to it with @Sander_van_Vliet_The 's Road Captain. There’s a route gradient profile option that can be customized to focus on certain segments, I believe. is the website.

Hi @Fred_Sch!

I’m the developer of RoadCaptain and as @Hans_Whipple mentioned it indeed provides an elevation profile that should give you better insights for climbs :+1:

You do need to build a custom route and follow it for it to work (it needs to track your location!) but I think you might like that too to get a break from the default routes.

The elevation plot can be configured to zoom automatically to the segment when you enter it.

this Reddit post has a good overview of the feature.