Road ahead

Hi Zwift,

When the direction is already know in advance, could you provide the exact pattern (uphill/downhill) ahead?
It’s kind of stupid to have steep hill shown as incoming when you will actually take a different direction right at the bottom…
When you do a specific course Zwift knows exactly what’s ahead so please replicate that in the top right corner window!

Before I realized what Zwift was doing, I started a ride in France and the profile showed that Ven-Top was ahead of me. Had to stop and double check that the route in fact doesn’t actually include Ven-Top - it makes that turn near the bottom of the climb.


Good idea, like real life GPS units it would be great if we could toggle the elevation profile to between different distances to not only see next k or whatever is but the whole route if we wanted


This gets my vote.

That little map thing in the top right is so confusing.

Most of us are riding a specified route so it could show us the profile correctly and why can’t it just scroll along from left to right?

Leave my position marker in the centre and have the slope diagram scroll through.

I did the Auctherbahn (spelling?) route the other day for the first time and no idea of what the route had in store for me.
Climbing takes me forever and it was nigh on impossible to use that map profile.

(oh, and local time whilst in game please)

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My vote. This would be an improvement in routes inside New York when the route graph is so confusing and you don’t know when is going to stop the climb.

Or yesterday in the MAPP 3 stage in B… i wasn’t expecting the small “bump” at the end.

Map in Zwift could mimic something like this or at least in ZwiftCompanion.


100% agree also make the gradient map an option to add to the screen similar to the power graph as my old eyes cant see small stuff.


My Garmin 530 has an excellent climb feature. I’d like to see Zwift invest time in development of that feature. As great as Zwift is, this is pretty weak.


Totally agree!!! When you select a route on Zwift, Zwift then knows the exact path you will be following. Every right turn. Every left turn. Every rise. Every fall. So why does the elevation map show the upcoming elevation profile as if you are always going to go straight ahead? For example, if you are going to turn left up ahead on a route, Zwift knows that because it knows the route you’ve selected. So why does it show you the topo map as if you will continue straight? The topo map only corrects itself AFTER you turn left in this example. Like most people, I love surprises. But when riding, not so much.

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