Hill profile gradient and distans left

I would prefer to have a small animation in a corner or just flat on the bottom of the screen that show the profil and gradient of the course so u know when the hills start and end so u can prepare for them better…like it is now u need to know the rout very well and to learn that takes a lot of time…right now I need to check the profile on Zwift Power and then writ down every km marks when the hills come so I know…

There is a gradient displayed on the bottom of the minimap in the top right corner of the zwift screen.

You may have missed it because it is too visible

I know. But i would prefer to see the KOM profile and a dot where u are and how many km there is left until the top so u get a better view of it…

I think what you’re asking for is something similar to Garmin Climb Pro which I’ve been thinking could be a nice addition to the companion app.


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Completely useless in the France map. Ven-Top is almost always shown, regardless of the route chosen.

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Fixed that for you

Thanks, @Chris_Holton