Zwift and window 10

I am having a hard time with zwift, I have a wahoo kickr snap and on my pc the internet keep dropping on the wifi and on hard connect. There is not connection problem with the internet. For this reason I cannot join group rides, I cannot do a solid miles without been drop. so frustrating.

If your Internet is dropping out, then there’s likely a problem with your Internet connection to our servers. It may not affect all your services, as some services have more robust international server support, but it could affect your connection to Zwift as we’re on the US west coast.

You can see our Internet connection recommendations on our knowledge base along with some initial tests you can do to see how your connection measures up. If you have other questions after going through those, you can create a support ticket and we can provide more information.

I hope this helps!

Make sure you haven’t set your connection to metered. It shouldn’t be by default, but you may have set it that way if you were concerned about privacy, data sharing issues, and so on.