No Riders/Deserted Island

Every time I ride the island is deserted.  My internet connection seems solid (it’s wired, last test showed 24 Mbps down, 5.7 Mbps up).  I have a laptop that can barely handle Zwift from a graphics perspective but it shows riders when I’ve opened Zwift.  I’d really prefer to run Zwift on my desktop as my laptop can barely handle it.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Empty island is usually internet. It may be that you’ve got some sort of firewall set up which is blocking Zwift from accessing the internet.

Just a thought, it happened to me once and I put it down to carrying out a longish ride with a few breaks without logging out and back in around the time the course switches from Watopia to Richmond? But it wouldn’t explain it happening all the time.

This issue has been reported and discussed often in these forums.

While there is no single cause or solution, your situation may be different from others, so it pays to open a support ticket and have Zwift take a look at your log files and configuration (pc and network).

I have experienced this issue occasionally during my tenure with Zwift since Feb. 2014. I have opened a ticket and we did not come to a resolution. That isn’t the same experience as everyone else so again I would suggest you open   a support ticket.

My experience has been that for some reason, I lose Internet connectivity (WAN connection at router) and then the Zwift client has trouble re-connecting to the Zwift servers. Once Zwift is running and you are riding but you then lose connectivity, that’s when riders will disappear. You can continue to ride and complete your ride but in the end when you save your ride, it may still fail to upload, even though you are now connected to the Internet. Your ride files are always saved locally, regardless if you save or discard a ride. That way you can always manually upload then to Strava, etc.