Zwift Advisory Panel rewards

Why are the rewards at the Zwift Advisory Panel only US oriented? What about the participants from the rest of the world?

As I read it, you can only use a Amazon gift card on and you have to be a US citizen, not on or (where I use my Amazon account), for example.

Kind of weird if you want people to participate and promise rewards (gift cards) which only can be used by a US citizen.

Agreed. I replied when I received the email notification yesterday with a smilier comment, but had no response as yet.

Hi @EdwardvdMaarel

Would you contact the Zwift Advisory Panel support team please? They’re not on our forum, but you can reach them directly here.

Hi dear. I completed a survey on 13 May 2023 but still haven’t received any Flipkart voucher. Can you please look into this matter and give me my due voucher?

I’d follow the advice above and email them directly.