Zwift Advisory Panel Security Issue?

Two days ago, I went into my advisory panel account to redeem points. In the process I was asked to provide and verify my phone number. So far so good. Yesterday I received a notification from my identity theft protection provider indicating that my phone number had just been found on the dark-web.

This could very well be a coincidence, but the timing is suspicions. I’ve had my phone number and identity theft monitoring (from one of the big firms) for years.

The timing makes me wonder if the Zwift Advisory Panel site has a security breach.

If you haven’t done so already, check for the email address here to see if there are any disclosed breaches of your data and when they happened.

I have not received notice of issues myself but I went through the same process so like you hope it is legitimate seeing what you got.

I’ve been trying to redeem points, but every time that I enter the code that it sends to my phone, it tells me the code is invalid.

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I also was unable to redeem points.

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I have not been able to redeem my points either!


Me either.

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Me either

I’m having a different issue, which is that the code sent to my phone works, but after I click the gift card option I never receive the email for redemption (checked spam just in case, and it’s not there, either).

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Zwift should probably send me a code to get some discount points too, so I can test this issue independently.

I received several codes, but after entering the system stated they were wrong….

In the end I gave up

Same here. Used the contact form but no response so far. :triumph:

I’m also unable to redeem points, which I’m told will be discontinued Nov 7. When I click to redeem, it just takes me back to the same page.

I also can’t redeem points. I’ve contacted support several times and once received a reply telling me it was fixed - but it isn’t. I click ‘Redeem’ and it spits me back to the ‘Click to Redeem’ page. Feels like a racket!

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This thread seems to suggest that it has started working again - Zwift Advisory Panel rewards

Edit - I just successfully redeemed some points.

I’ve got 980 points so just twenty short of being able to redeem them. :scream:

A reminder to Zwift Advisory Panel members - today is the last day to redeem any unclaimed points. You should have received an email from on October 30 about the upcoming change of plaform from Fuel Cycle to Qualtrics.

The time-critical bit is this: you can find details on redeeming your points here.

You will not be able to redeem points earned from the Zwift Advisory panel after today. Thank you again for your participation in the Zwift Advisory Panel and we look forward to your future involvement.

It appears the website is already down? I tried to redeem the points as recently as yesterday to no avail. I tried to contact support and have not heard back.

@Tim_Lin_BMTR and everyone else having trouble - please email the Research Team at Zwift ( if you need assistance redeeming points.

the site is already down, no chance to even try now… also the date :smile: