unhappy new Zwift user :(

Hi, raising this here because after 3 days of searching I still can’t find an email address or number to call to complain?

I joined a few days ago and since then have experienced a number of problems with app functionality, user not loading, maps not loading and generally not being able to ride in zwift.  On Saturday I could not use the app at all.

The next problem I have is that my FTP score has not saved/ or is not visible on my profile.  I did a test but cannot access the score despite following your advice online.

if the problems persist I will cancel my membership and ask for a refund.



Not sure where you live but in the US the page to submit questions is here:


If the link doesn’t work, go to “Support”, “Knowledge Base” and scroll down to the bottom. There should be a button to “Submit Ticket”.

In my experience Zwift isn’t particularly quick to respond, but they will eventually.

Here is the Zwift status page: http://status.zwift.com/

Here is where you can submit a ticket: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

here is the unofficial Zwift manual: http://titaniumgeek.com/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/

To find your FTP you need to log into the app and and on the pause screen (click menu in the bottom left hand corner) and click on the pencil next to your name and in there you will find your FTP.

If you need more assistance just post here on the forums and we can assist you.

Ride On!


Your inability to login and ride Saturday was not on your end.  Zwift had issues that prevented many people from logging in, issues once “in game” and a variety of other things including mobile app failures.