ZwiftApp quit unexpectedly


I’m constantly getting this error message during the log-in process and can’t get into the app at all - it just keeps kicking me out. I got the same message previously but, until today, was just able to click “Ignore”. 

Advice/support would be appreciated as I can’t use Zwift at the moment.


Hey Dan, we created an email ticket for you to troubleshoot further, so keep an eye on your inbox for more troubleshooting instructions.

I had this problem and it was really frustrating. In the end I removed Zwift and reinstalled it and it resolved the issue.

Can I request a ticket submitted as I am having this exact same issue? I have not been able to successfully set up my account. Thank you

@Jeb, I made a ticket for you.

Since causes for this issue can vary, please submit a ticket via if you run into it.