Zwift activity time not the same on Garmin Connect

Zwift WO activity was 53min 56s in length. I Clicked Quit, looked at this and that on the report for no more than 20s, then clicked Save. Activity automatically downloads to Garmin Connect.

However the Zwift activity on Garmin Connect shows as 1hr 00s… The 7 min longer!

This has only just started happening since the last 2 recent Zwift upgrades (maybe a co-incidence, not sure). The discrepancy has not been as large as this on other recent rides.

The Garmin activity on GC recorded via my Fenix (I end up with two activities because I want some of the Garmin parameters like Training Effect, cadence L/R etc) is similar to the Zwift activity recorded on Zwift.

Why the discrepancy in activity times between Zwift on Zwift and Zwift on Garmin Connect?

I use Zwift Companion, MacBook Pro and Fenix 3 (yes, don’t laugh at my ancient Fenix, it still works well).

Anyone else notice this?

Did you hit start and stop on your Garmin at the same time as Zwift riding started and when you saved?

Garmin doesnt care about when you your Zwift session starts or stops, it cares about when you hit the start/top button so this would normally explain the difference. For eg. Zwift doesnt record your warm-up time in the pen for an event, whereas Garmin does.

If this doesn’t explain your particular discrepancy, you will see the difference by comparing to the two activities in Garmin graphs - power, HRM, speed graphs. Happy to help further it doesn’t look obvious.

BTW, I still have my Fenix 3 as well - rock solid - but its been relegated to being used only on my more knarly mtb rides when its death wont matter too much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support for the Fenix 3. lol
Yes, I start the Fenix when the Zwift ride starts, stop the Fenix when I end the Zwift ride and save at the same time.
Good thought about checking the graphs:
The Zwift activity on GC activity time was 1:00 but the graphs were only 47:33. Another anomaly.
I’ve checked older rides and the Zwift on Garmin Connect activity ride times are either the same or slightly longer than the Fenix on Garmin ride. The Zwift on GC graphs sometimes are correct but often the graphs are cut short.

So, do I raise this with Zwift or Garmin?

It smells of being a Zwift but could equally be GC not deciphering one of your your fit files properly.

A couple fo ways to I can think of that will pinpoint which system is likely at fault here:

a) to try uploading your Zwift fit file to Strava, then upload your two GC fit files (use export original option from GC) to Strava. I would think the original from Zwift and one of the GC ones would be the same highlighting the one file that is not like the others.

Not sure if Strava will accept 3 files with similar/same start date/time in which case you could change the fit file dates using

b) use a fit file reader to check both files ( You’ll have access to actual start times/finish times and all the other data, but in tabulated format. They should be virtually the same but from what you are describing, one is going to be short and thats the guilty system.

All a bit of a faff sorry.

Great ideas Dean. I won’t take up any more of your time but just as an update of my findings:

  • I did 53min of activity
  • Fit File activities recorded on Garmin, both the Zwift and Fenix activities recorded 53min of activity, albeit the Zwift one seemed to record later start and finish times on the Fit files
  • On GC Activity list, the Zwift activity shows 1.00hr, Fenix 53min
  • On GC analysis charts, the Zwift activity is cut short, showing only 47min of activity, the Fenix chart shows the whole activity
  • On Strava, (which is always downloaded automatically too), both Zwift and Fenix show as 53min with the whole analysis charts. Strava would not allow a duplicate fit file transfer.

So, after all that… the Zwift activity is not transferring accurately to Garmin Connect. I think I’ll start with Garmin to problem solve as Strava seems to record the correct information received from both Zwift and Fenix.

Thanks for the ideas Dean to fact check my various downloads. Ha, oh for the days of just hopping on a bike and riding.

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