Zwift Activity Monitor [not working due to 1.26 'security updates' ]

Using the forum as a platform to gain the attention of [someone within] Zwift who can work with the creators of this loved/popular community tool.

I’m sure others will chime in as this appears to have stopped working since Tuesday evening (UK time). The creators of this tool have been active and transparent within the FB Group and have now posted saying "… I have been working to get the attention of someone at Zwift to work with us to get ZAM back up and working. It has been very challenging, so I am looking for your help!.. "

I am up for security updates, but PLEASE ZWIFT, work with the great community projects that are out there BEFORE you roll such things out to ensure it can continue to be operational - or at least look to incorporate the functionality in game.

@James_Zwift … Tagging you initially (as the most active and understanding of Zwift employees on the forum). I know this is probably outside of your remit but is this something you can help bring to the attention internally?
@shooj - anything that you can do? I believe this is linked to this: Game Update 1.26 [June 2022] - #116

Fingers crossed this tool (loved by many riders, racers and TTT’ers) across Zwift) can be back up and running soon!

This isn’t anything that I can really comment on, but I flagged Joy’s post on ZR internally.


Perfect, thank you James! That is all we can ask for now… some traction at least.

There may be quite a few more Zwifters that realise this tool isn’t working after todays WTRL TTT.

Hopefully Joy’s post being raised internally will help her to work with the relevant people to reach a resolution on this one :crossed_fingers:

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Is “flagging” good or bad?

I shared your post.

When I say flagging, I just mean I made people aware of it.


Really a valuable tool. I hope Zwift can find a way to allow it to be used again.


ZAM stuck at “waiting for event start” or something similar for me, didn’t think I’d miss ZAM so much… but I do even though I’ve only had this issue for a couple of days!


Such as shame that ZAM has been prevented from working. Come on ZWIFT. Help get this really useful program working again.


Pretty disappointing Zwift, a feature that has been requested years ago is solved by a user for you, and then you break it. Please fix this asap, or you know, implement it within the game.


I hope this has helped (or at least will help) in getting the right person / department at Zwift to work with you so you can open up the dialogue for a solution and fix. :crossed_fingers:

Keep us updated on this thread @Joy_Murphy :+1:


Thank you so much for your support! I am now working with James Bailey and hopefully we can resolve this. Progress.


what’s this used for apart from managing efforts and sandbagging?


If you are genuinely interested @Rich , take a look at the website linked above and here. That gives examples of some features, and for me personally, I find the tool useful for:

  • Leading group rides, ZAM is running to ensure my pacing is inline with advertised pace.
  • Pacing Alpe efforts, using the lap function, (for an upcoming vEveresting)
  • Seeing relevant 30s / 1min / 20min / 60min effort during TTT’s, simply to gauge how hard it is, and so others can see on the race recordings ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • iTT efforts where I am targeting an FTP boost. It is motivating to see the numbers above target.

Yes, a head unit can give [some of] the same data fields, but ZAM is simply easier to run/operate on screen. (if using a PC setup, of course)

I accept there are ‘sandbaggers’ out there (and yes, this is a shame!), but there are also many genuine, legitimate riders that use this tool in ‘good’ ways. :+1:


@Rich You can see the features in the video titled: ZAM Pro New Features on the EnJoy Fitness YouTube page. It is also posted on the Zwift Activity Monitor Users Group. I have been able to PR the Uber Pretzel by putting in goal splits for every 2 miles. I was able to manage my effort for 4 hours and PR knowing exactly how I was pacing. I also dropped to a C and used ZAM during an iTT to get my 20 minutes at 4.4 so I could move back up to a B cat.


I don’t use ZAM, but I wrote my own little app using the same functionality that zwift is disabling. The app would simply let me set a goal time for a route and tell me if I was ahead or behind that goal and by how many seconds. I find this incredibly motivating. Pushing through a 2 hour route with no idea if you are ahead or behind and potentially getting to the end that it was all for naught as you were behind? Really hard to do mentally. If you have a little display saying “you are 30 seconds ahead of plan” really makes you keep pushing to turn that 30 seconds into 31 seconds.

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I wonder, when reading all the OLD, OLD forum posts about the out dated UI, why a company who professes community focus, alienates the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) community? Zwift shutdowns those helping everyone at no cost to Zwift corporate. It’s like the bean counters can’t recognize found-money. Their restrictions on a supporting registered API is ridiculous as so many of the requested Zwift features, that have remained unresolved for years, continue to languish unaddressed.

I have now been personally smacked as I was developing a Zwift custom UI builder based on GrapesJS (another FOSS app). On top of that I had successfully developed a route recorder and autoplayback (ZAP - Zwift AutoPilot) that supported version one of the RoadCaptain’s route builder and my extension v2 JSON file for recorded rides (any world, any starting route). All that effort went up in smoke with this release and like so many others any hope of an official API for further development is merely a pipe dream.

As an experienced, now retired developer, who had professional usability experts working for him, I can categorically say the Zwift UI is a joke. Even the new UI is brain dead. Just check how many clicks is required to select a world/route before actually riding even when Zwift knows you have ridden that route before. Post ride you don’t even return to the tab which you started your ride, what’s up with that non-standard?

Zwift, although having numbers, is putting themselves at great risk when not adhering to professional development standards. Just use some of the myriad of other cycling/training simulators to see slicker less intrusive UI’s.

To quote Lost-In-Space: “Danger Will Zwift, Danger”.


Thanks for pursuing this Joy… you know that I always miss you the most when you exit a ride before I’m finished! :smile:

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Ha! Love it! I am optimistic we will get ZAM up and running again!


Pretty sure 99.8% of people installing ZAM are using it for sandbagging.

I see no problem with it working again, as long as it’s disabled for races.


i’ve never used it but as far as i’m aware it doesn’t do anything a garmin or a wahoo doesn’t already do except display it on your monitor instead of your stem