Zwift Activity Monitor [not working due to 1.26 'security updates' ]

Well I’m proud to be part of the ‘0.2%’ that use this tool to push harder, the direct opposite to sandbagging.

P.s. The intention of this thread is purely around the operation of the ZAM tool and not a discussion on sandbagging… plenty of other threads for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can also put in goal splits for a course or race and ZAM will tell you & change colors if you are ahead of or behind your goal. You can also see average speed which the Garmin will not show. Also, if you have a Garmin that doesn’t pair to a trainer, ZAM will give you info. And it shows laps automatically without worrying about hitting a Garmin.

I always use Splits in TTT if DSing or riding.

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another proud 0.2%'er here! …I dont “do” Zwift races… Zwift races suck… Big Time!


To be honest ZAM is one of the biggest reasons why Sandbagging works, so unless it is auto-disabled in races I would much prefer if this did not be re-launched


Sandbaggers could just use ZwiftPower LIVE to check their average WKG. I use ZAM to track average speed and average power, to make sure I don’t go too hard and crack. I also include it when I live stream a TTT or ride.

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are you in favour of ZAM then or from what you say you could just use ZP live for the same thing?

I’m not in favor of Sandbaggers, just saying there is more than one way for sandbagger to get their data,


I miss ZAM. I do not race, but use it to make sure my average power is on target for my training rides and to ensure I don’t exceed or undershoot my planned TSS.


Glad to see some progress is hopefully being made. You don’t realize what a wonderful tool something is until you no longer have it. I’ve used it primarily for determining splits for our Team Type 1 Mocha TTT squad, and it has been a great benefit helping us stay in the Platinum League for a nice long stretch; hoping it’s back up and running soon as trying to focus on where we’re at distance wise/determine split/make sure I’m not missing my pull are a lot harder without it.

Also didn’t even think about using it as a tool for longer routes; I will definitely try that (assuming it’s back up and running) when I tackle the PRL Full for World Diabetes Day in November. Ride on!


Just leaving this here as the latest update from @Joy_Murphy posted over on the ZAM FB Group. :cry:

I don’t think any more needs to be said, apart from continuing to show support for the project/tool.