Zwift academy workout 1 not registered

yesterday october 2 i did the zwift academy training 1 at the end when saving apparently there was a problem he saved it as a normal ride what now

Hi! I have the exact same issue. Very interested in hearing if we can fix it. Not really looking forward to workout #1 again…

In the rules it states that you need to complete 75%, is that 75% of the time or of the intervals? Perhaps than it will still be saved?

you need 75% of the stars. So 75% of the segments successfully completed.

I have had the same issue. I’ve created a meetup with a friend in the Companion app, we both loaded the workout and went ahead a did the workout (all stars completed!). Now this ride has been marked as a group ride in ZA, but not as the actual workout. It would be good to have this fixed!

Last night I finished the ZA RUN WO#1 and when recording the data on the APP something went wrong and the APP collapsed. I opened it again and it asked me if I wanted to recover the last workout so I did and save it but now it doesn’t recognize my workout as part of the Zwift Academy Workout #1 and yesterday was the last day to run the #1! I wrote an email to see if they can see I did the job and credit my workout as part of the ZA 8 workouts.