Zwift Academy Run [2023]

Zwift Academy Run is here!

Registration is open as of today, January 23, 2023. Zwift Academy Run starts February 6, 2023 at @ 16:00 UTC and ends on March 6, 2023 at 08:59 UTC. For time conversions, check out World Time Buddy.

What can I expect from ZA run this year?

Short and long Run workout options—and Finish Line events.

Short workouts are between 25 and 35 minutes. They’re a condensed version of the Long workouts. They’re ideal for new runners, less experienced runners, and time-crunched Zwifters.

Long Workouts are 40–60 minutes long and offer increased intervals and tempo durations. These workouts are ideal for more seasoned runners looking to improve their speed and endurance.

The Finish Line Runs replace the 5k races from last year and will measure your performance gains. This run should allow you to use the fitness and education from the program to put in a good effort and attempt a new 5k PR.

The run is meant to be the last event in your program, and you’ll have to complete at least one Finish Line Run to graduate from Zwift Academy Run.

Zwift Academy Finals candidates:

To be eligible for Team selection, you must graduate from the Zwift Academy Run program. This means completing all seven structured workouts (long versions) as well as the Finish Line run*, which are scheduled events and can be found on the events calendar.

*In addition to completing the workouts that are required, you’ll also need to complete the Finish Line run with a heart rate monitor. Both of these are required in order to be considered for the Zwift Academy Run Team. To learn more about the terms & conditions, click here.

Looking for more information on Zwift Academy run? Learn more on the Zwift Academy main page or check out our Support Hub FAQ.

Hi, I’m registered and have run workouts 1 and 2 but the dashboard says “and track your progress all from here” but there doesn’t seem to be any tracking. The Ride and Tri academy showed the workouts with ticks to show you’d completed. The run page doesn’t show anything. No email after completing workouts. There’s nothing showing in the companion app re even being registered. Am I doing something wrong?

Same here, registered and did workout 1 solo (not in the scheduled groups) and nothing showing on the web or companion app.

Same here…I have registered twice now…did WOs 1 and 2 and nothing tracked. Also no tracker on my CA.

For Zwift Academy Run, there is no web or ZC tracker.

In the Zwift app, you can click on the Zwift Academy Run tile and there is a % completion tracker.

I do see on the web page where it says “track your progress all from here.” I have let the team know and we are looking at having that updated.

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I registered again yesterday or day before, can’t remember, and now i see the completion tracker and it is correct, showing everything i have done up to now. Thanks!

This week I see Finish Line Run events but no #6 and #7 group workout events? Why? This makes no sense.
#6 group runs are only available from next week Tuesday it seems.
(I know i can do them as workouts by myself. )

Also 1 have done 3 official group workout events but my tracker only says 1.

The Zwift Academy Run this year has been very frustrating.

I suppose for those people who are away on holiday, work etc for last two weeks of ZAR they can have completed all 7 workouts by now, some individually, and can complete the Finish Line run.

Your two missing group workouts is odd. Group workouts 1 and 3 on 8th and 15th Feb appear on your ZwiftPower profile but do not appear to show in your CA activity reports. I don’t know enough about whether that affects your ZAR % completion tracker? Maybe @manda_F can advise.

Hey @Sam_Haacke - I see you have credit for workouts 1 - 5. We have do currently have the finish line run on the calendar.

The workout 6 has group rides scheduled for 7/26 (more details can be found here). However, both workout 6 & 7 can be done as an individual workout from the workout folder.

Thanks @Ian_Attoe (and @manda_F - group rides? :wink: )

Ok, I will have to do them as workouts then (which means they aren’t recorded on Zwiftpower).
I just wanted to point out the schedule inconsistencies. I was under the impression that group workouts were supposed to be in order, two new ones being released per week.
It just seems to be a mess to me.

Just doing it for fun, so it doesn’t really matter.

@manda_F it looks like the Academy Run link you provided still doesn’t show a Schedule for Workout 7 or let you register for a Workout 7.

I know you can register for workout 7 through Companion App but do some people only register through the web version?

@Ian_Attoe - Here is a link to all Workout 7 Group Runs :slight_smile:

@Sam_Haacke - Thanks for catching. That was just my fingers moving faster than my brain :slight_smile: It should have said Group Runs :slight_smile:

I’m ready for the Finish Line Run and look very much forward to it. I have never tried a race in Zwift before and can not find very much information about them. I want to know if a warm-up is included in the race - like in the workouts? Or should I do a warm-up on one of the regular tracks - and then quickly join the race right before it starts?

It starts at the allotted time, you can warm up in the pen or elsewhere however you prefer.

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Just now I found this as well. A great article. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Amanda! Any update on the Academy Run Team this year? I haven’t seen anything about it yet. Excited to see who made it this year…