Zwift academy run, final week registering issue

Hi everyone,

First time posting here.

I am really looking forward to the Zwift Academy Running Event and have registered for week 1-6 but I can’t seem to register for the last part of the event on the 2-6/3.

Can you please help guide me to getting this over the line please or please explain what it is I am missing.

Many thanks

Initially didn’t understand why there was an issue as others have been able to register for Workout 7.

However I now suspect something is amiss with the events scheduler as it does appear you can only book into workout 1-6 through the website. Those that are booked into workout 7 have probably done so through Companion App which does allow W/O 7 to be booked.

I have copied @James_Zwift into this message as I’m sure he can look at and correct anything, if anything needs correcting.

I am enrolled in the campaign and if I try to register for the tour here I get this message.

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Thank you :slight_smile: