Zwift Academy Tri [2022]

It’s time for Zwift Academy Tri!

Registration opens on October 10th, 2022 at 15:00 UTC. Zwift Academy Tri starts October 24th, 2022 at @ 15:00 UTC and ends on November 21st, 2022 at 08:59 UTC. For time conversions, check out World Time Buddy.

What can I expect from ZA Tri this year? short and long Run workout options—and Finish Line events.

Short Run Workouts are between 25–30 minutes and are a condensed version of the Long workouts. The short Workouts are ideal for new triathletes, less experienced runners, or anyone who wants to do a brief run workout.

Long Run Workouts are 45 minutes and offer increased intervals and tempo durations. These workouts are ideal for more experienced triathletes looking to improve their speed and endurance.

This year, we will also have rubberbanding turned on for the Finish Line Ride, which is in a group workout format. The workout itself is straightforward and consists of a warm up, a 25 minute effort to create some fatigue, then a 5 minute free ride effort - this will be the actual test. Zwifters will be banded together for the entirety of the workout, your average power during the 5 minute portion is what matters the most. During the 5 minute free ride effort, we are also going to have your average power displayed with plenty of messaging to indicate its purpose as well as goal.

New for this year! The workouts will be localized into Spanish, French, Japanese, and German in the Zwift Academy Tri 2022 Collection:

Remember, you need to be logged in as a cyclist to view the cycling workouts, and a runner to view the running workouts.

This year, there will not be a baseline ride and only a single Finish Line Ride for bike and either a 15-minute Short or 30-minute Long run.

Both the Finish Line Run and Finish Line Ride are required to graduate. The longer run workouts and the longer Finish Line Run is required for Zwifters who are aiming to make the ZA Tri Team. If you are competing for the Zwift Academy Tri Team, you need to complete the following to be eligible:

  • Graduate the Zwift Academy Tri program
  • Complete the Finish Line Ride and the longer, 30-minute Finish Line Run, plus all longer run workouts
  • For bike events, athletes must use a smart trainer (or heart rate monitor and cadence sensor)
  • For run events, athletes must use a cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, and complete the Long Run workouts
  • Must be an amateur athlete

Terms & Conditions.

The Finish Line Ride and Finish Line Run are meant to be the final events in your Zwift Academy program. These events will allow you to test the fitness and experience you’ve gained from Zwift Academy Tri–and use it for training towards your next triathlon.

The goal for the Finish Line Run is to run as far as possible in either 15 or 30 minutes.

Looking for more information on Zwift Academy Tri? Learn more on the Zwift Academy main page or check out our Support Hub FAQ.

The goal of the finish line ride is to have the highest w/kg for five minutes?

On the workouts page, the word FINISH is misspelled “FINSIH” in two places

Another typo in this bit:

I just did the second run workout (long), but failed all three of the “walk” intervals between the work sets (apparently it was looking for a specific pace range and it was not a free-pace interval).

If we are competing for the team, will this be viewed negatively in the selection process? I.e., do I need to re-do this workout to get all of the stars to be considered? Is re-doing a workout even feasible? I didn’t see anything about your “best efforts” being considered.

Will route achievements also be credited if continuing on past finish like Handful of Gravel? Thanks

Because everyone is so helpful,… yes you will get the handful of gravel route achievement after completing 10.5km.

I did this to be yesterday and can confirm the route badge is awarded.


Disappointing final reward for completing both run and ride sections. Why not a new aero helmet rather than running shoes?