Zwift Academy Tri 2020 FAQ

When does the Zwift Academy Tri start and finish?
The Qualifying Period begins October 29, 2020, 12:01am PST and ends December 23 2020, 11:59pm PST.

We will notify Zwifters who advance to the shortlist in early 2021. We will announce the 2021 Zwift Academy Tri team in or around March.

What do I need to do to graduate Zwift Academy?
To graduate the Academy, complete the program’s 10 structured workouts (5 cycling workouts, 5 running workouts) plus 2 additional races, which need to be one cycling race and one running race. All requirements need to be completed between October 29 and December 23. You’ll find the workouts in a folder called ‘Zwift Academy Tri 2020’ on your workout menu screen. Group workouts and races must specifically be designated ‘Zwift Academy Tri’ to count towards your graduation.

What do I need to do to be considered for the Zwift Academy Tri Team?

  • Be 18 years old or older on December 31st, 2020
  • Graduate Zwift Academy Tri
  • Use a heart rate monitor for all qualifying events
  • Use a smart trainer or power meter, and cadence in all qualifying cycling events
  • Used a run cadence sensor in all qualifying running events
  • Be an amateur triathlete

Should I take an FTP test or run a 5k test before starting the Academy?
We recommend that you start the Academy with an accurate FTP (Functional Threshold Power) number and an accurate 5k time to ensure the best results from your structured training. To find your FTP, we recommend that you try the Zwift Ramp Test. The test involves a warmup and then approximately 4–8 minutes of hard effort and will automatically set your FTP in Zwift. Similarly, we recommend that you try the Zwift 5k Test as this will determine your prescribed workout efforts in-game.

For best results, make sure you are well-rested before completing these tests.

When is the last day to sign up?
Registration for the Academy closes on November 29, 2020, by 11:59 pm PST.

How do I unlock rewards in ZA Tri Academy?
You will automatically unlock rewards as you progress through the Academy. After every two events, in any combination, you will unlock gear. If you complete all of the requirements from both cycling and running, you will receive your final Zwift Academy Tri unlock. Once each milestone is reached you’ll receive a notification of your reward.

What if I go on holiday during Zwift Academy?
All sessions must be completed by December 23, 2020, 11:59pm PST. If you have a holiday booked, you’ll need to structure your training in order to complete the sessions before the deadline. We recommend that you leave at least 48 hours between each session and aim to complete two sessions a week.

When do I have to complete the qualifying events?
All events must be completed by December 23, 2020, 11:59pm PST. The workouts can be completed at any time during the day on your own or you can choose to join group workouts. There will be a full schedule of group rides, runs, group workouts, and races that you can choose from. We recommend that you leave at least 48 hours between each workout or race and aim to complete two events per week.

In what order should the workouts be completed?
The workouts can be completed in any order, but we recommend you follow what’s prescribed by the coaches for optimal progression. This order is what’s listed within Zwift and can be found at

Can I do both group workouts and individual workouts?
Yes. The workouts will be available at your convenience to do individually from the workout menu or by joining a scheduled Zwift Academy group workout.

If I am hoping to make the Zwift Academy Tri Team, are there a certain number of group rides or races I need to complete?
Yes. If you are hoping to be selected for the team, you will need to complete two Zwift Academy Tri races—a cycling TT race and a running 5k or 10k race.

Can I do another Zwift Academy event and count it towards my total?
No. If you are registered for Zwift Academy Tri, you will only receive credit for solo workouts, group workouts, and races associated with that particular Academy to get credit. The events will be clearly distinguishable.

Can I repeat a workout or race?
Yes, the workouts and races can be repeated until the closing date of December 23, 2020, although each workout will only count once toward your completion total - 5 cycling workouts, 5 running workouts, cycling race, and running race. Your best results from each of the completed Zwift sessions will be used in the analysis.

What happens if I’m ill, injured, or have racing commitments?
You need to take a sensible approach with the sessions if you are ill or injured. The first rule is, don’t worry if you need to take a training break! You won’t lose your fitness and conditioning by taking a few days off. The second rule is don’t try to overcompensate for the missed sessions.

When you are back to running and riding, stick to your session structure and don’t try to make up the extra time you lost while you were in recovery. If you do, you will likely over-fatigue yourself and won’t be able to hit upcoming sessions at the desired intensity.
Certain sessions will need you to take an easy 48 hours beforehand. We will advise you of these in advance so you can factor them into your existing training/racing schedule.

What if I already have a training plan/coach?
The workouts have been specifically designed for Zwift Academy Tri to inspire and motivate you as a triathlete. The 10 workouts can be incorporated into your usual training plan. Certain workouts will need you to take an easy 48 hours beforehand. We will advise you of these in advance so you can factor them into your existing training/racing.

What percentage of a workout do I need to complete to get credit? Do I have to get all the stars?

You must complete 75% of a Zwift Academy workout to receive credit towards graduation. While you should aim to get as many stars as possible, these do not factor into completion credit.

Can I skip blocks of a workout?
You can only skip up to 25% of a workout to receive credit towards completion of that workout.

What races qualify for Zwift Academy Tri credit?
There will be specific Zwift Academy Tri designated races and they’ll be clearly marked as such. As soon as the schedule is available, we’ll email it out as well as make the schedule available on

Team Eligibility
When will Zwift choose the finalists for the Zwift Academy Tri Team?
Team selection will run from the program’s completion on December 23, 2020 until we make our team announcement on or around March 1, 2021. Selected team members will be notified and asked to complete a comprehensive application for further screening.

What will I need to do to ensure my workouts qualify me for the Zwift Academy Tri team?
In order to be eligible for selection for the Zwift Academy Tri Team, Zwifters must meet specific criteria. For qualifying cycling events, athletes must use a smart trainer or power meter, and heart rate monitor. For qualifying run events, athletes must use a run cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. Athletes must also be an amateur triathlete at the time of joining Zwift Academy.

When will the final team be announced?
We plan to announce the team on or around March 1, 2021.

Are there any restrictions?
We’re inviting triathletes from all age groups (18+) to apply. All we ask is that applicants be ready and willing to take on the challenge of qualifying for and racing at the 2021 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

How many athletes will be selected for the 2020 team?
We plan to select six athletes (3 male & 3 female) for the Zwift Academy Tri Team.

What are the benefits of joining this team?
Short answer: gear, guidance, and an incredible Kona experience for members who qualify for the World Championships.

Longer answer: Zwift Academy Tri Team members will train like pros under the mentorship of tri superstars Tim Don and Sarah True. They’ll enjoy benefits that money can’t buy like a session in the Specialized Win Tunnel—an opportunity only select pros get to experience.

There are also quite a few benefits that money can buy, but add up quickly. We’re talking about a complete aero race package from Specialized (including their S-Works Shiv Disc triathlon bike), along with generous product support from ROKA, Science in Sport, WHOOP, and Wahoo. Not to mention an all-expenses-paid trip to Kona for members who qualify for the IRONMAN World Championships as well as a pro-level training camp during the season.

I already have sponsors of my own. Can I continue to represent them?
No. During your time as a Zwift Academy Tri Team member, you must only represent Zwift and the team partners.

Can I continue working with my current coach?
Yup! We’ll be monitoring all team athletes’ training as well as providing advice through team mentors, but we’re happy for athletes to continue existing coaching relationships.

I have never raced a triathlon, can I still apply?
You bet! If you feel you have a background that suggests you can excel at the sport, we’re excited to see what you can do!

Tech Questions
I am having problems with my Zwift setup, where should I go for help?
Not to worry! We have a dedicated support crew. For any issues, please create a ticket here.

How to get started on Zwift Cycling?
Getting started on Zwift Cycling couldn’t be easier. Zwift pairs your bike with indoor training gear to create a smooth and realistic ride. Trying to get started? Look no further.

How to get started on Zwift Running?
Whether you’re at home or at the gym, getting up and running is simple. All you need is a treadmill, Zwift RunPod or other compatible footpod technology, and, of course, a device to run Zwift. But if you have access to a supported Bluetooth treadmill, you don’t even need a footpod. If you’re hoping to get up and running soon, watch here

Q: What is the Zwift RunPod?

A: The Zwift RunPod is your key to unlocking Zwift Run and making serious indoor training fun. The RunPod tracks both speed and cadence, relaying your stats directly to Zwift. This allows you to run on any treadmill, any time.

What is the NPE Runn?
The NPE Runn ups the Zwift experience without the need for a fancy bluetooth treadmill. By tracking the treadmill’s belt speed, the NPE Runn allows for more accurate training.

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Hello Mr Shuji!!! Thanks for all of this details…

We know almost everything now! Just a question: Will there be some teasing, like last year, with some session details before ZAT start? Only to know when and how we are gonna die? :rofl: :innocent:

Thanks again and… RIDE ON!!

L’inscription à zwift academy Tri a t elle un coût supplémentaire à l’abonnement mensuel de zwift ? Merci

@Den_Gou Non, c’est complètement gratuit!

Hi Shuji,
What if we don’t have access to a treadmill? Is there anyway we can record runs outside for Zwift Run, using a Garmin watch?


Hi Shuji and Coach Dan

Great job with the workouts and the whole setup- I am really looking forward to the Tri Academy

I am though a bit confused concerning the workouts?
Should I try to do the workouts within the given watt og pace limits (not to high and not to low) or

should I try to do them at my best ability as you suggest in your recent tips and tricks to 2020 workoutsso I go as high as I can even if that means I go above the suggested wattage?
then I will not get the stars??
what counts the most towards the selection?

All the best

Sune Steiniche Kjær

Hi @David_Wolfson welcome to Zwift forums.
Zwift really isn’t made to work outdoors. While some people use a run pod and pair that to Zwift running on a smartphone, it’s not the best experience if I’m going to be honest.

Hi @Sune_Bikeman_Kjaer_D

We recommend doing both a FTP and 5k test before starting the Academy. Then - follow the workouts as prescribed based on your FTP and 5k paces.

We do not look to see if you hit all the stars in a workout, so no need to stress about that. Try to do the races to the best of your ability. This will be a component of our selection process.

Hi Shuji,

thank you very much for your quick answer.
Besides the two races, what other components is part of your selection process?
Where can I see the dates for the races?

All the best


Is there a schedule of the workouts somewhere? I haven’t been able to find it.

Great FAQ. Unfortunately, I signed up by mistake. I only cycle on Zwift so won’t complete half the requirements. How do I unsubscribe? Thanks

Completed my first bike workout today. It was also my first ever structured workout Since I joined Zwift. During the workout it didn’t seem like I had the ability to shift. Is that possible?Maybe I was just fried.

You were likely on “erg” mode which is the default for workouts. This means that Zwift is controlling trainer resistance based on wattage targets.

Thanks Jeff. Should I be on erg. while doing the academy workout?

Yes. That is the best way to do workouts. As long as your FTP is accurate, the trainer is controlling the expected intensity for each part of the workout. All you have to do is pedal.


Our Support Hub has links to un-register for all of the Academies:


Once you’ve registered for ZA Tri Academy, you can see each workout on the website, or in the Companion app.

Click on each event, and when they’re available to put on your calendar, you’ll see a list of upcoming dates and times.

HIIII, If i want to be chosen do i need something special so that you know that i am interested in be chosen?!
or how do you know who wants to be elegible?!

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Another question can i do 2 or 3 races ? and counts the best?? or only the first one? or do a 20 and 40 bike race and a 5 and 10km runrace?

Is there a way to change my 5k pace after I’ve signed up?