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Zwift Academy Tri is a 9-week series of world-class cycling and running workouts designed to level up your fitness. You can use this forum to ask questions to program coach Dan Plews, post feedback, report any issues, or meet your fellow Academy members.

Check out the following links for a little more information:


If you’re really feeling amped and want to double up your workouts or do a brick workout, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO END THE RIDE AND RESTART ZWIFT before your next ride or run. This will ensure you receive credit for both activities.



I’m looking forward to giving this a good go. I’m just wondering what the workouts might look like (length, intensity etc), will they be focused on preparation for full distance events? And will the races all TT’s?

Hi David,

We just posted a blog from workout creator Dan Plews with some insight on each of the workouts. They are focused around 70.3 and full distance events. As for the races, they will be TT events on the bike and your choice of 5k, 8k, or 10k distances for the run.



I cannot wait to get into these workouts. They look exciting. Bring it on!

I had a green square icon show up next to my name several days ago. I’ve been told that mean I’m registered for Zwift Academy Tri. Not only do I not know what it really is, how did that happen? How do I un-enroll (if needed)?

Personally, I am very curious as to how people space these out. I have a general idea but most likely will repeat them a couple times. I also have to run them by the boss (i.e. Coach Les and Si) to see what they think. Last week will definitely be TT week which should be funzies. I also excited to see how fast we all get after going through the program :slight_smile: A good time will be had by all. 2020 just got a little faster

Hi. I’m new to Zwift and accidentally signed up for the tri academy and can’t figure out how to un-sign up. Anyone know how to do that? Best of luck to all the athletes with their training!

Hi Chris, I gave some tip and ideas around the spacing of the workouts here, https://zwift.com/news/18379-tips-and-tricks-to-za-tri-2020-workouts/



Can’t wait to see the workout “in real” ! But it’s also a bit… frightening! Coach Dan, on your post, running speed seems to be… oh my gosh!! So hard! :scream::star_struck:

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Thanks coach @Dan_Plews! Looking forward to getting after them a few times over :slight_smile:

Hi all.

In order to enter, do you need to be able to do both the run and the cycle activities?

I would love to do the cycling workouts / rides, but don’t have the ability to run on Zwift.

Thank you

All you need is a footpod and run with a Zwift connected phone. You don’t actually need a treadmill.

Are the 6 bike workout and 4 run, need to be done in the first week

Or this need to be spread out on the 9 week program?

As far as I know you can space them out as much as you want as long you get all of them included the races by January 11. It would be quite an athletic feat to do all of them in one week.

I plan on spacing them out and doing at least one or two bikes and one run a week. Fortunately many of them fit into my current training programs so I can slot them in easily. The HIM work fits in nicely at the end of long rides thankfully and the more threshold based runs are good for my “track” Thursday workouts.

See you out there

It is a little harder to do it without a treadmill becauses harder to get the paces right on. If you do the workouts out on the road I would syncronize when you start your watch with when you start zwift so that you can follow the workout structure without having to constantly look at your phone. It is definitely doable though. Just be aware that it eats up cell data.

Hi Fred, These can certainly be spread over the 6 weeks. In fact we recommend it to promote recovery! :slight_smile:

Speaking of slotting in the workouts, my coach would like to put the workouts into my Training Peaks to preplan my TSS each week. I know the website link to the “Tips and Tricks” has some info. It would be easier to do with distances or times explicitly listed. I sent him some screen shots from the Companion App, but that is pretty painful way to go about it. Is there any place with the workout segments explicitly listed? @Chris_Hague- I have been a slow triathlete for 25+ years. (I have bad lungs and started tris in 1992 for the pure joy of being able to breathe.) Not sure how much faster I will get. I am close to Legacy (9 fulls done), but the last few have been elusive, and hoping to get in good enough shape to just hit 12 this upcoming season. Unfortunately, I had a bad bike crash in 2018 and am still recovering. That is how I got into Zwift- I messed up my hand up so badly that I couldn’t squeeze the brake on my bike for 9 months. So, riding outside was out. I also injured my opposite shoulder, so I was afraid that if I ran outside, if I tripped, I would have to break the fall with my face. No way would I set back healing of my hand or shoulder. LOL. Even the impact from running on the treadmill made my shoulder hurt, so the road back has been long. Now, I am really glad that I got into Zwift as it is such an amazing tool and I am training more consistently with it. I work long days and can do workouts safely when it is dark outside. (We have lots of bears and mountain lions here.) Feeling a good tired in the legs after the first week. Time trial in the morning. My house is at 7,500 feet, so I also get an extra altitude challenge. Having a lot of fun with the Zwift Tri Academy so far. Just maybe 2020 will be faster for me, too!

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Hi Cyndi, try this https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/zwift-academy-tri-2020/


Thanks! I just have not been able to find the run workouts there.

That website is awesome! Love it!

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