Solo workout tri academy

Will the workouts be made available to do solo rather than as a group? I can’t always make the zwift timetable fit in with my life.

In the past they were availability as solo workouts. So I assume it will be the case.

The zwift 2020 tri academy workouts aren’t listed in the training menu as solo workouts, are they going to be ? its not always convenient to make the group workouts.


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I think you have to make sure your app is up to date and they should be in there. However, when I rode this morning, it was 5:30 Amman time and thus still Nov. 10 in Longbeach, so I think it officially had not started yet. Should be good to go now

can’t find the Tri Academy 2020 workouts on the workouts tab. I want to do one independent of the scheduled events. Are they there and I’m not looking for the right thing or maybe not. Thx Rick

Now I see this topic is in a different question. As of last night (11/11 21:00 est) no run or bike workouts were present

Make sure you have updated your Zwift App.

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Do these solo workouts count towards partisipation of the tri academy?
If not can someone from zwift please explain why the scheduling of events is particularly difficult for anyone in the UK with a 9-5 job and a family? For example this Friday, 15th Nov, events are as follows;
2:30 workout
3:00 TT race
5:30 workout
7:30 workout
8:30 workout
9:00 TT race
10:30 workout
13:30 workout
14:00 TT race
17:30 workout
18:00 TT race
18:30 workout
22:30 workout

Why is there a big 4hr gap in the early evening, between 18:30 and 22:30? I’d imagine that is one of the most popular times for UK/European based zwifters.


I was thinking the same thing. 18:30 is probably when most people are having tea or putting kids to bed and we’ll who wants to work out at 22:30?

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Agree David and sadly this is not the only example. The recent Halloween group run had pretty much the same timings, i. E. nothing in the schedule between 7pm and 10pm.
I understand Zwift can’t cater for every time zone but I don’t understand 1hr gaps at some times in the day and 4hr gaps at other times.

If any of you in the UK or anywhere really want to meet up sometime for a ride or workout let me know. I would like the company. I am in Amman, Jordan (expat from the States) so 2 hours ahead of London time

Yes solo workouts does count.

When do I have to complete the qualifying events?

All events must be completed by January 12th, 2020, 11:59pm PST. The workouts can be completed at any time during the day on your own or you can choose to join group workouts. There will be a full schedule of group workouts and races for both cycling and running that you can choose from. We recommend that you leave at least 48 hours between each workout or race and aim to complete two events/week.


Great, thanks Gerrie

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Are the workouts going to stay there once ZA Tri Academy finishes? I’m assuming/hoping so.