Zwift academy Tri 2023/2024

When will the new Zwift academy Tri start ? Anyone that knows ?

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Looks like no one know? :joy:

Nothing has been shared as far as I know. I asked your question on one of the triathlon related posts over on the Zwift Facebook page. Maybe their social media team will chase it down for us.

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Zwift acedemy 2023 will be avaiable on Nov 6

I found that to but I think it’s the cycling academy. And not tri. But we will see on nov 6

Just a silly thought, but bear with me.

What if (purely theoretical) , they made a list with dates in chronological order with al the main events Zwift is planning in the coming period. Perhaps we could call this a calendar?

As a result people could anticipate on what they like to do.

(If za is planned for next week, this is to much with DRS and other planned events for me, If there was such a list, I could make resonance choices on beforehand. Even a 50% complete list could be helpful)

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Registration for ZA now exists in-game. Start date November 6. I’m guessing it will be similar to last year, baseline, 6 workouts, finishline. Guessing @manda_F has a post coming soon, or @Eric_Schlange will have something with full details in the next day or two.

It certainly would be nice if there were more advanced notice about stuff though, and if full information about events could be had from Zwift directly instead of having to go to a third-party site.

There was a forum post earlier today but looks like it has been taken down.


RIP ZA Run & Tri

I’m not sure. Wasn’t run early this year March?

I think I read earlier today reference to keep them separate.

A couple of years ago I tried to do all three, within about 12 weeks?, and felt that wasn’t satisfactory or really beneficial. I would prefer them to be across the year - but are these in or out of season and which hemisphere’s season?

This thread is about ZA Tri and there’s still no info about dates for that as far as I know.


Paul, I agree but Michael may have been replying direct to a poster 3 or 4 posts up where a start date was being discussed and whether is was Tri or Bike.

The issue is that the forum doesn’t, for some users or at some times, appear to show when an entry is a direct reply to someone. I have replied directly to three people in last 5 minutes on this thread but you can’t tell.

The FAQ mentioned on the forum post that was deleted that there was no Tri or Run for this year to focus on the ZA Ride. It appears everything was taken down for some reason…


Or possibly doesn’t show if you are replying to the immediate post above? Just testing.

Edit: Ah and Doh

Correctamundo (had to get to 8 chars)

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I was replying to the comment directly above mine.

And I was at least partially correct, ZI has their post up about ZA2023 now.

Sure, I understand, it’s just off topic here since there are no dates for ZA Tri (and perhaps never will be). Not a big deal, we just can’t currently answer the original question. Presumably Zwift will bring back their post when registration on the website is working and the Tri folks will learn the bad news.

The ZA post is up and it does appear that there will be no Run or Tri academy this year