I have been trying to find the running races, and up until today I could see bike and run events, now there is nothing coming up for me? I’m looking under Events… what am I missing?

I have the same problem. I have 1 cycle race left to do and I see no more races scheduled - only workouts.

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I contacted Zwift via their online chat, and brought it to their attention that the races aren’t rolling out. They looked into it and said that the races aren’t listed, and are looking into it and said to keep an eye out!

Awesome - thanks for the update :crossed_fingers:

I just heard word, they gave fixed it and the races are now back online!!

I see races only on Dec 29th and nothing after Jan. 1st. Is that correct this is the last weekend to race? Anyone else having this issue?

I also see nothing on the schedule. I will try contacting them again, you might want to reach out as well. They are very good about responding. I wrote to them using online chat. They actually weren’t aware of the issue when I wrote in and got right on fixing it.

It’s like Y2K! :slight_smile:

Hi there. What does the ZA 2020 bike time trial entail ?

I think its just a single loop around Sand and Sequoias as fast as you can.

It seems like all races stop on Tuesday the 6th? Anyone see races for Wednesday through Saturday? I thought the program ended on the 12th?

Oh I hope not !!! I have 1 x TT left. Did number 6 just tonight…!!! Can anyone help!
Also what’s the total distance for the TT please

I think they only show so far ahead. I’m sure they will offer them until the end. The ZA Tri does end 1.12.20.

Will there be a set time that it ceases on 12th Jan ?!
I’m a total novice to this whole thing !! I have booked in the TT for Tuesday 19:00

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I am not completely sure how they will end the session… I’m taking a COMPLETE guess here, but most likely it will be midnight in your time zone? Or perhaps midnight in the last time zone (Hawaii?), but they offer the races multiple times
a day. It seems they roll out the new schedule each week Tue/Wed-ish.

This link might help if you haven’t seen it already:

This link might help as well:

ALSO… sign up for Zwift Power:

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Thanks so much for this. I’ve linked a few connections now !
Il hope to get on the TT group ride Tuesday and then I have to hit the runs hard !

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