Where are the races?

With the 23rd December deadline fast approaching I’m mapping out what workouts and races I’ll need to do to get everything completed in time.

Given that I can do the workouts solo, then I need to structure the workouts around the ZA Tri races… but I can’t seem to find ANY ZA Tri Races (bike or Run) between now and the deadline… Am I missing something?? Is anyone else able to see any events?

Thanks in advance.

Ignore me… I’ve found them now using the Zwift Hacks ‘Events’ app… filter by “race” and in title “ZA Tri”:

Since I can’t post links… google “Zwift Hacks Events” to find the app :slight_smile:

I still can’t find the races. Do you have to have a special app? Totally confused.

The races are to be found in the same way as any other event on Zwift. You can find them in the Zwift Companion App. You may have to check the filters and also to scroll a bit to see the tri races.

The event list from ZwiftHacks is just another way to see upcoming events with the ability to search and filter events. These are the upcoming ZA Tri Races in a single view: https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/?key=5fd5ae8b17197

One of the races as shown in Zwift Companion App:

Remember to include Zwift Academy 2020 and Race in your filters: