Zwift Run Academy 2020

Hi all,
There seems to be alot of complaining going on at the moment but I would like to know if we will be able to give feedback on the Zwift Academies?

I signed up for the Zwift Run Academy as my running needs alot of help. One workout into the schedule, I pulled a calf muscle - not whilst doing the workout - which left me unable to run for several weeks and falling way behind the schedule. I could have done with something that I could mark on my account to say that I was injured … After a few (possibly 3) weeks rest, I was back on it and found the sessions very adaptable to my much slower pace. I was delighted to complete everything in time and be acredited my ZA Run shirt (along with the socks, shoes and hat). Unbelievable but I finished … then …nothing.

Will there be any opportunity for Feedback or is this here and now? It was fun, informative, very adaptable and yes I would recommend it to a friend. Do we get a certificate or something that we can print out and add to the glory wall?

Hello Belinda! You should read the Zwift Academy Run FAQ! Also, the terms and conditions, lots of nice info there!

Terms & conditions:,missions,locale_es_eu&__znl=es-es

For example: now we must wait, Zwift HQ will select a first group of 100 to 150 runners, and require some extra information about them, then another selection of 25 to 50, and finally the team of 3 womens and 3 mens (this around march 2021).
Keep refreshing your mail! :sweat_smile:

Thanks but that didn’t answer my question. I have no interest in being part of the Team that goes to Berlin. I know that I am not that good.

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Well, actually you don’t have to “be good” if what you mean by that is being fast! They stated that you must be a normal runner (non proffesional) motivated to run Berlin marathon!
About the feedback I think this is the best way to do it, I mean here in the forums! Maybe they will add a new folder with dedicated zwift academy run posts (there is one for zwift academy road)

Thanks for the reply again. When I was much younger, I ran a half marathon but now the most I can run is about 7km. That’s a long way off marathon distance.

Well, it’s all about constancy & hard work! I’ve never ran a marathon neither, but it worth trying!