Zwift Academy Graduation

Really enjoyed ZA - found it motivating. However, based on the coaching cues throughout the workouts, I was expecting a feedback report at the conclusion. What my strengths/weaknesses are, revised predicted FTP, etc. I feel this was a missed opportunity by Zwift. I wouldn’t participate in ZA again without this type of report.



Did you sign up for Today’s Plan? There was feedback after rides were you achieved better results and a ranking of you each ride’s results compared to your baseline. There was tons of data there to review including a bar graph of your abilities. If they offer the two month free Today’s Plan next year be sure and sign up for it.

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Thanks David - I didn’t realize that was a perk of signing up for that plan. Will definitely check it out

I didn’t see any link or info for My Plan and really wish I had


There wasn’t an email sent inviting you to join ZA 2020 and in that email there was a link to sign up. If you clicked on the that link you were taken to a Zwift page where there was a section about Today’s Plan with a this verbiage:

Get a deeper look at your performance
with the official training software platform
of Zwift Academy. Today’s Plan is free
during the Academy, with premium
features unlocked. If you’re competing
for the pro contract, you must connect
with a Today’s Plan account.

Then a link to sign up.

Thank you. I didn’t get that email after registering for the Academy. Darn it.

Really enjoyed zwift academy and I’m really feeling stronger than before and my power shows it :relieved: pro contract​:crossed_fingers:t3::ghost:

That entire situation with the Today’s Plan sign-up requirement is just bizarre, IMO.

I’ve already commented on it in the other thread - Zwift Academy Road 2020 FAQ - but long story short, it wasn’t (and still isn’t!) very clear if it’s required for the academy graduation in general vs only for the in-depth insight on your academy performance (and, of course, if you’re competing for the pro contract).

I also didn’t get any emails from Zwift at all - neither upon signing up for the academy, nor after completing all the workouts and group/segment rides. Nothing after the official end date of the academy either.

So, I’m not even sure if I’ve actually officially graduated from the academy (whatever that means really), which is very confusing and quite frustrating.

I did like the workouts themselves though. I just don’t get what the academy is really all about (too much hype? :)) - couldn’t you just go for some similar workout plan in Zwift instead? How would that be any different from the Academy if we don’t get any credit (no idea what that would be even to be honest - again that whole “graduation” thing is just a mystery to me :)) or any insight on our performance in it? I guess, my expectations were too high?.. :man_shrugging:

They did say on the academy…

Our workouts will give you a clearer picture of your power and skills on the bike and where there’s room to improve.

As you say, apart from a few graphs on Today’s Plan, little evidence of Zwift providing that clearer picture.

Still, it was a good opportunity to put some different types of training in that I wouldn’t normally have done.