Zwift Academy 2017

Hi, I didn’t get the finisher jersey when finished the challenges.

Check your completion progress on and open a support ticket if necessary.

Is the jersey a training peaks one for should it be Qhubeka or Dimension data?  I get a training peaks jersey.

Are you supposed to get a finisher’s jersey before the event ends on the 13th?

any resolution to this issue? I have not seen any new jerseys unlock for completing either.

Me neither, no jersey yet.

Same for me.

What is even stranger is, that when I graduated, that Zwift Acadamy logo next to my name in the in-game Rider List disappeared. Interestingly, just today it reappeared… oO.


If anyone wonders - I am 20 years too old to take part at the semifinals, so that cannot be related to it.

kinda weird … no news at all…supposed graduate get real life prize and in-game jersey…

“Graduate the Academy. Finishers get an exclusive in-game jersey and real world prizes. Academy graduates within the 18-21 age bracket have a shot at a U23 pro contract with the Team Dimension Data Continental squad. We’ll also reward your training efforts by donating gear to Qhubeka - one bike for every ten graduates.”


Opened a support ticket, that addressed this issue. Has been resolved super fast - many thanks for that. Nick from the Support Team asked to check if the latest version of Zwift is installed. He redeployed the Academy Jersey and said to check the Jersey Selection - it appeared on the very right hand side (Nick advised to use the right arrow key to get to the very end there).

Nick also said, that they are working on the Academy batch topic and that it should be resolved shortly (probably today), so that only the semi-finalists wear the badge.