Curious, what jersey this is


I’ve looked through all the jersey lists out there and hadn’t seen this - not sure if it is unlockable, or special in some way…


This one?

Could be one of the Zwift Academy jerseys.

Yep. Zwift Academy 2017.


Ahh, thx everyone! I never ran into the fandom site, good list there.

Before my zwift time, cool looking jersey though, wish it was available…

Maybe this year’s Academy jersey will be even better!

Jim Mattson is correct. Zwift Academy circa 2017 kit.

I can’t wait!

Urgh, just saw the new kit… I redact my last response - I can wait :frowning:

Would love to have an option to get the old one instead!!! Darn, oh well, I suspect it will be a while before they go back to green - gotta work through the rest of the spectrum first…