Canyon Jersey?

I’ve seen a few people riding with a Canyon jersey. I’ve done some searching and looked up unlock codes but I wasn’t able to find any details on this jersey.

Does anyone know how to unlock this? I ride Canyon in real life and though the jersey might be cool for in game.

It was for the Zwift Academy, but I don’t remember which year (I think 2017:

There might have been Canon Jerseys for each year. I don’t know I never did it.

Bummer! I was hoping it was more available than that.

John, Canyon was running a promo where if you bought a new bike between certain dates, Canyon would give you a Zwift promo unlock code for the Canyon jersey. I bought a bike 4 days before they started the promo and when I contacted them to see if they would share the unlock code they would not!!
Kind of pissed me off!!

Well, that’s the world we are living in…
Imagine you buy a new bike for some thousands $$$ and it is on sale -20/30% 4 days later.