Vintage Cyclists

Hey Zwift any chance you can do some kits on the vintage Steel gang? You know Brooklyn, KAS, etc with the caps, Jerseys, and pants. For all of us crazy steel, skinny tube riders. Just a thought.

We do have the classic Z-Peugeot jersey (after a fashion). Would be nice to have some others. Some I’d particularly like from the early days of me watching the Tour de France would include:

  • La Vie Claire
  • Systeme U
  • 7-Eleven Hoonved
  • Cafe de Colombia
  • Mapei

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I suppose that must have been added after I started mostly wearing the same jersey all the time, assuming it’s standard issue.

idk. I can’t recall ever noticing someone wearing it, and there’s no unlock code provided or achievement listed that unlocks it… but I’d wear it if I could. :smiley:

'til then, I alternate between the Rapha lightweight kit (cos it’s closest to IRL) and the Bike & Beer kit (because ethos! :biking_man:t2::beer:)


There were group events with former members of the 7-Eleven cycling team where this jersey was in-game.


Unlocked the Level 42 kit over the weekend. ‘La Z Claire’ :+1:

Where can I find the Z-Peugeot jersey ?

It’s not exact, but a similar jersey. It’s one of the Vintage pack unlocked at level 8


(image from Cycling Jerseys | Zwift Wiki | Fandom)