Erioca vintage rides, bikes, kit and music from the era

There are a series of vintage sportives globally that cover some interesting terrains and feature vintage bikes and kit plus usually food and music. Please can you consider some Erioca routes for people to train on before the events and they can choose vintage bikes and kits to train in. Add to this a 70’s sound track from say Spotify and you have the real vintage experience. A bit of fun and maybe a cool tie in with a great cycle brand. Appeal to a new demographic of cyclists.

Yeah, it’s not just for hipsters. I’d love to see some more vintage gear in Zwift.

You can get a close approximation with the level 7 steel bike, but apart from that, I guess all there is now is the Z jersey. Maybe some knitted gloves and the newsy hat. The Buffalo bike is a bit old-school looking too.

More caps, some woollen jerseys etc. I don’t have any of my old ones any more, but I have some reproduction modern jerseys in old styles (e.g. Del Tongo Colnago)

Maybe the in-game shop will sell “accessories” so we could dress our avatar to wear some spares around our shoulders or put saddle bags on the bike. :smiley:


Daren, Totally agree - I think the vintage clothing and bikes would be fun and relatively easy to do. Paying for a virtual one and real one through the post would get my vote. I would love to own a tour de zwift real cycling top. Karen

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Plus one vote for this