Zswift, Tacx Bushido paring

I have a Tacx Bushido smart trainer. I have a Garmin ANT stick plugged into my computer. And my computer sitting right in front of my bike. I also have a Zswift monthly membership. When I open ZSwift it shows it’s connected to power source, cadence and controllable but it shows no signal.

In the upper left corner of the parking window it shows both my ANT and Bluetooth working. Of course when I go to the ZSwift screen the Avatar doesn’t move as well. My computer is roughly 6 feet away from the trainer and I even tried it closer.
What am I missing?

It’s spelled Zwift.
Don’t have an answer for you. :cry:

Make sure the right hand end of the trainer is pushed it all the way. This is the end with the LED lights. Mine periodically comes a bit detached and it then won’t pair.