Can't connect trainer

Just bought a Tacx Bushido Smart, the Garmin ANT+ dongle you recommended and downloaded the Zwift software. Everything is installed and running but Zwift can’t seem to find my trainer. It just keeps searching even when I sit on the bike and pedal to activate the trainer. Please help? I am running OSX Yosemite 10.10.4

Hi Tom,

How far away is your ANT+ dongle from the trainer itself?

about a metre

Hi Tom,

I have the same trainer as you and haven’t had a problem.

Firstly, is it the firmware update you have done after installing the Tacx software to your iphone/ipad?

Secondly for best Ant+ results, get your dongle away from the PC and 30cm at most near the trainer using an extension cable.

thank you for your response. I haven’t installed the tacx software on my mac yet. Would that make a difference? What sort of extension cable do you use? Zwift actually doesn’t recognise my ANT+ dongle when I log in even though I bought the one they recommended from Garmin. I have tried many times in different USB ports to get the usb to respond but it doesn’t seem to work. 

Hi Tom, No the Tacx software on your Mac won’t matter, all updates to the firmware are done over bluetooth from your Iphone/ipad. 

The extension cable can be any USB2.0 from ebay or the such, mine is 2m to reach right back to the trainer.

Now does your Mac make a noise or let you know in some way that you have just connected your dongle?

If it has I’d say that some garmin app is running on your Mac and stopping Zwift seeing it.

Thank you again, No the mac makes no noise or acknowledgement that the dongle has been plugged in or recognised.  

Hmm, I would think the issue is on the Mac side than and not Zwift, at a minimum your Mac should be seeing the dongle.

If the Mac itself isn’t recognizing the ANT+ dongle then I feel the problem lies with the Mac or some driver issue. Generally you should be able to just plug it in and go.

Try this.

I also have a Vortex Smart trainer.
Had the same issue that you had, I found all other ANT+ sensors but not the trainer.

Did this and BAM, fixed. 

All good. I installed the Tacx Utility app on my iPad and updated the trainers software through the app and it all works fine now

Im demoing Zwift, coming from TrainerRoad, but my smart trainer wont connect in Zwift, even if it works fine in TrainerRoad form the same computer.

I have a Tacx Neo and it wont show up as Controllable trainer, only as power source in Zwift. Weird thing is that the SIM mode works perfectly with TrainerRoad from the same iMac, so I conclude that all sowtwares and ranges must be ok. Even if my iMac and dongle might be farther away from the trainer thanrecomended it works in TrainerRoad, and I figure if TrainerRoad can control the trainer, Zwift should be able to? If not Zwift somehow send weaker signals than TrainerRoad, so that a distance thats works for TrainerRoad is to far away for Zwift? Or it there something else I have missed.

Hi Øystein,

How are you trying to connect? Via ANT+ or via Bluetooth?

Hi I’ve just purchased tacx neo smart trainer down loaded zwift , blue tooth is on both my iPad Pro and trainer but zwift won’t connect it recognise anything

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I have tacx traimer with zwift on laptop and phone. But it doesnt pick up my trainer.why?


More info is needed to assist you.

Do you have an ANT+ dongle in the laptop with a USB extension?

Are you trying to bridge the Bluetooth using the ZCA?

What Tacx trainer?

Is the firmware up to date on it?

The more info the better, so please add any additional info.