Pairing with Tacx (Bushido Smart T2780 )

I try to install the following setup -> Mac OS X Yosemite iMac, Tacx Bushido Smart  T2780 (2015 Model), but I cannot find a way to connect to the Tacx Bushido. 

Do you have any suggestion on how to do that?

Hamad AlMansoori

Do you have your ANT+ dongle plugged in close to the Bushido Smart?

i just bought the bushido today

The ANT builtin right?

Hi Hamad,

While the trainer TRANSMITS ANT+, your computer needs a way to RECEIVE the signal. Without an ANT+ dongle attached to your computer, there is nowhere for that data to go.

You will need a USB 2.0 ANT+ dongle for your computer.

Where Can i Buy ANT + Dongle for my computer

How does it look like?

Hi Hamad,

We have a great Getting Started guide right here that might help:

Thank you

hi again


i bought the Garmin Ant, i have connect it to the computer, i am trying to search for my Bushido but doesn’t show me anything

Hi Hamad,

If you are continuing to have trouble pairing your Tacx Bushido Smart, please read the Zwift Guide to Watopia here:

Make sure your Tacx trainer’s firmware is updated to F-EC:–Info-Updating-your-Tacx-Smart-firmware-ANT-FE-C-to-enable-Zwift-resistance-control

And if those don’t work, then please submit a support ticket via the link above.